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It pays to know your garden.

And UD knows every inch of hers, especially the system of paths she created through her forest.

Early this morning, gazing out her back windows at the path closest to her house, she saw a largish unmoving object on it. Her binoculars revealed this.

It’s a stock photo. UD wouldn’t know how to photograph an animal at that distance.

Her fox was bigger than this one, and seemed half-awake, calmly watching me as I watched it. I’d never seen a fox this close, and certainly not one comfortable enough to bed down so nearby.

I had all the usual thoughts… It’s beautiful. Is it rabid? Is it wounded? When will it leave? I can’t let the dog out. Will I have to call animal control?

And then I Googled. Turns out this is not an unusual event – foxes are nocturnal and will sometimes bed down close to people in daylight. And I mean – our garden is packed with rabbits and voles, etc. Why wouldn’t you want to be around that?

Margaret Soltan, April 24, 2024 6:15AM
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5 Responses to “It pays to know your garden.”

  1. Anon Says:

    Lucky you! Our neighborhood also has foxes, and it is magical to see them, usually running through yards and across the road at night, busy doing fox stuff. I have never seen them during the day or standing still at any time. Better to enjoy them without trying to take a pic.

  2. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Wild canines, controlling the bunnies and voles. In my neighborhood, the coyotes and owls join in the feast.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Stephen: Yes, we’ve also got those occasionally. Bears have been sighted in Bethesda, but I haven’t seen any in Garrett Park. And yes – I’m thrilled the foxes are putting away the voles.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Anon: Absolutely. Far as I can tell, foxes have been bedding down at the top of our property for a long time. Not so surprising that a relaxed attitude toward the home owner would evolve.

  5. Stephen Karlson Says:

    UD: Still no bears here, maybe that Packer flag that flies out front scares them off!

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