Steering the Bucks to Get …

the gilt.

They grow up so fast!

In the room of [Wesleyan University student] Eric Lonergan, the police found … 16 kinds of prescription drugs … including blood pressure medications, … drugs for dementia or Parkinson’s disease, and others.

Is it the University of North Georgia…

or the Wynn Resorts board?


Qasem Exirifard has been dismissed from Tehran’s Khajeh Nasir Toosi University after its academic committee, in charge of examining staff’s qualifications, deemed his voice was effeminate



UD’s life at George Washington University enters…

… the prodronal stage.

She’ll keep looking out the window.

She’ll let you know if this develops into something.

The Forward Runs the Numbers on Yeshiva University.

With the help of a researcher at the National Center for Education Statistics, the [Jewish Daily] Forward identified six universities with characteristics similar to Y.U. — private, not-for-profit, four-year universities with high research activity and a student body size similar to Y.U.’s.

Among those schools, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown and Brandeis universities more than doubled their endowments between 2003 and 2014. Rice University’s endowment grew by 88%.

One other school, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which has struggled financially in recent years, saw its endowment grow by just 29%.

Since [Richard] Joel took over Y.U. in 2003, Y.U.’s endowment has grown by 20% overall.

Put yeshiva in my search engine to discover the myriad causes of this amazing outcome.

DSK a foot fetishist ALSO??

Here’s a look at how the man who was deemed a shoe-in for the Elysée Palace, rose to almost the top, before his dramatic, disgraceful fall.

Voluntary Transfer

A top dean at American University Washington College of Law is venting frustration over the recent exodus of AU students to George Washington University Law School, accusing his nearby rival of engaging in poaching.

“Speaking only for myself and not in my official law school capacity, I view this practice as downright predatory,” Anthony E. Varona, AU’s associate dean for academic affairs, wrote in a recent Facebook post, which was republished at TaxProf Blog on Thursday.

GW law officials deny they’re raiding AU’s student body, but what’s not in dispute is that an unusually large number of AU students are deciding that they’d rather go to GW. In the 2013-14 academic year, 54 students left AU to enroll at GW, according to its most recent disclosure data. Those students represented well more than half of GW’s total reported transfers for that year.

Getting desperate out there.


“It’s pretty striking because American has much lower entrance standards than GW, but what GW is doing is essentially laundering the credentials of their [second-year] class,” Campos said. “The LSAT and the GPAs of those students don’t count against GW’s stats because transfer student stats aren’t part of the calculation of what a school’s GPA and LSAT is.”

Paul Campos sorts through the laundry.

You gotta figure he also…

… made up his last name.

Liquid Diet Prep

Former Cape Cod Doctor Censured for Performing Drunken Colonoscopy

Typical Midterm…


Heil Creamer…

… and Dulce de Duce.


Feel free to suggest other names.



So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright

UD‘s old friend Natasha attends the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, where weird things are happening.

The Scottsdale-based Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which operates the school, announced last week that it would not independently incorporate the school as a way to stay accredited. The Chicago-based Higher Learning Commission, which accredits degree-granting colleges and universities in 19 states, changed its bylaws two years ago to prohibit accreditation for schools that operate as divisions of a larger organization.

It’s not quite clear why the foundation refuses to independently incorporate the school. Students like this one are baffled. Are they afraid that they’re not going to be able to make money off of the school? he asks.

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