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The Cultural Contradictions of Cathocracy

The Order of Deneen calls for a crackdown on pornography.


The Order is also pantingly natalist, proposing incentives/coercions to get fertile heteros humping.


Millions of people around the world lean on porn to get them going.

Thus even as our new Catholic masters force-feed frequent fucking, they take away one of the main assistive technologies.

Does their leader Donald Trump use porn?

NO. He uses porn STARS.


Hey, but that’s nothing. From Review #3 (earlier posts):

Succumbing to the dangerous delusions of comprehensive theorizing against which [Deneen] solemnly warned in 2018, he expounds in his new book “a new and better political theory” to guide the construction of a “postliberal order.” And notwithstanding his earnest counsel five years ago against unleashing the turmoil of revolution, he advances a new regime of sentiments, morals, and purposes…

How Deneen’s new ruling class will handle production, commerce, finance, diplomacy, and defense is anyone’s guess. He also leaves mysterious the extent to which his elite vanguard will protect liberty under the law while implementing its elevated conception of the common good. It would have been clarifying for the would-be revolutionary to examine why previous Marx-inspired efforts by self-appointed elites to manipulate popular resentments and reconstruct society based on comprehensive visions of the good—Mao’s Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution come to mind—have produced cruelty and death on an epic scale…

Deneen gives scant attention, moreover, to institutional guardrails to prevent his aristocrats from exploiting the sweeping power with which his theory entrusts them and to restrain the people from going overboard in the “powerful political resistance” his aristopopulism commends. His ominous endorsement of “pressure from the people” and of “the application of Machiavellian means to achieve Aristotelian ends” (emphasis in the original) reinforces the suspicion that Deneen’s ambitious political project authorizes subterfuge, lawlessness, and brutality.

Margaret Soltan, June 10, 2023 7:35AM
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