So it’s true! You coulda knocked me over with Rick Pitino’s new $50.93 million 10-year extension.

That whore’s profit-seeking screed, that pack of lies about Pitino’s University of Louisville basketball program and its recruitment parties – now some recruit has gone and confirmed most of it!

JaQuan Lyle visited the University of Louisville as a basketball recruit in 2013.

This week he sat down with NCAA investigators to talk about that trip.

CBS sports reports that Lyle confirmed the gist of allegations made in, “Breaking Cardinal Rules” that escorts provided him with sex and alcohol.

“You have to ask yourself, why would he lie about that? If he tells the truth, he’s not going to get in trouble, even if he took all sorts of benefits while he was there. It’s how the NCAA works. If he lied, and they can prove he lied, he won’t be able to play at Ohio State,” [a sports analyst] said.

In a hastily-called news conference, Coach Pitino said: “Well, what do you want? That’s what they pay me for.”


No, no. UD made up that last line.

University Football: Let’s Zoom Out.

Let’s drop our years of sympathetic support for this rugged and healthy campus pastime and finally forthrightly ask: Should schools like the University of Rhode Island drop football? Few schools have as violent and inept a team as Rhody, to be sure, but several other schools are in their league. At several other schools pretty much the only play the team completes successfully is ganging up on other students and beating the shit out of them.

And there’s an unfortunate synergy at work at schools like Rhody: When the team loses – and at Rhody it always loses, most humiliatingly – the guys go out looking for revenge, and they find it. They’re in a bad mood, see.

Just how embittered are these embittered motherfuckers?

[The] team is 0-5, having lost to Brown, 41-31, Saturday night after leading 31-27 in the fourth quarter. [The coach] is trying to revive a program that has produced only three winning seasons since 1985 and has lost 22 of its last 24 games. If opposing coaches on the recruiting trail this fall and winter need more evidence to dissuade recruits from considering URI, this is it.

If you’re on Rhody’s team, you’re a loser. If you were going to be recruited anywhere else, you’d have gone there. Other teams only want to play you because it’s a guaranteed big win. The university is giving you millions in scholarships so that you can put other students in the hospital.



Nah! Let’s keep football at the University of Rhode Island!

Great Interview with Hurricane Katina’s Co-Writer.


When you’ve got all this stuff going on for such a long time, and it’s so loud — let’s remember, they were playing rap music and hip hop, and it was so loud. And nobody knows nothing? Yeah, OK.


Let me tell you what I think happened, and this is strictly a theory… [Y]ou’ve got Andre McGee. He’s pretty young. He’s having a pretty good basketball career and so forth, but he’s not necessarily mature. He’s 23 years old. He’s on staff now, and he’s over in charge of this, that and the other. Some of the people he’s in charge with are his former teammates. So, maybe Andre is over at the barber shop or something, and someone says, ‘I know these women and they strip and stuff,’ and Andre’s thinking: ‘Beer and strippers, party time.’ You can go to a lot of dorms and Greek houses, and find that sort of thing. It’s kid stuff. It’s kids having fun. So, they bring them over. They have a great party. They find out there’s a little extra to be had and some people participate and so forth. It’s a great night. No one gives — ‘hey man, we had a great time.’ But you forget it. But it’s a big thing for Andre. It gives him some power. He’s tied in with some very interesting women that he can get whatever he wants, so they do it again, etc., etc., etc., and it gets out of hand.

If that theory is correct, and I think it is, who the hell was in charge of him?


I read the other day that someone was going to get the registrations for the dorm, who comes and goes.

Well, yeah, they registered every time they went in: ‘Katina Powell, hooker.’

U Conn accepted a twice-arrested transfer from notorious U Mass?

Was U Conn so desperate to recruit a new member for its ski team (the dude skis) that it accepted a drunk and disorderly shitski from famously drunk, disorderly, and riotous Zoo Mass? A student who was arrested twice at that fabled campus?

Was the guy expelled from U Mass? Is that why he transferred to U Conn?

By which UD means: Did U Mass, crawling with foul drunks just like this foul drunk, actually find Luke Gatti behaviorally unworthy of that puke- and booze-soaked campus?


Guess it’s all relative. In the case of U Conn, when the highest paid, highest profile, most beloved person at your school produces viral videos like this (when U Conn coach Jim Calhoun retired, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house), little Luke’s viral video maybe fails to impress.

It has certainly impressed everyone outside of U Conn… Proving once again that it’s true what they say: Sports really are the front porch of the American university.

David Ridpath on Hurricane Katina

Rarely anything surprises me in college sports anymore but the massive recruiting scandal brewing near Churchill Downs may just replace the Albert Means story as the biggest recruiting scandal ever

What has allegedly transpired at the University of Louisville in its storied basketball program truly stands out even in the ugly seamy world of college athletic recruiting.

Ways and Means Committee

The question now becomes whether or not the NCAA is able to prove any of what [Katina] Powell alleges happened in her book, and I think they have a pretty good chance of making that happen. What they’ll likely do — and what they have probably already begun doing — is to interview players that were recruited by [the University of] Louisville but that ended up at other schools, threatening ineligibility while offering immunity for the truth.

Hurricane Katina

The University of Louisville has inspired the current number one bestselling sports memoir on Amazon. Katina Powell’s detailed account of her Dance Appreciation course at the school (or was that Rutgers?) has clearly touched the hearts of sports and dance fans everywhere.

What if they gave a sport and …

… nobody came?

(I know, I know. They came like mad at the University of Louisville.)

No worries; according to the book, some players’ fathers also took part in the parties.

[T]his scandal, if the allegations are true, reveals a sordid underbelly to college recruiting which is not altogether shocking yet may nevertheless be altogether damning for the university IF (a) parents become leery of sending their kids to Louisville…


And remember Cam Newton’s dad! Another model for the big-time university sports family.

“Stay organized and plan out your day. That way nothing slips your mind.”

This advice, culled from one of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino’s many motivational books, seems to have been taken to heart by Katina Powell:

Powell kept five journals with details of her escort escapades, sexual encounters, murdered relatives and activities at the University of Louisville. Most of the U of L services she provided took place in the men’s dormitory where basketball players reside. Her main contact and the man who paid for her services–the school’s former director of basketball operations and former graduate assistant, Andre McGee–kept Powell and her girls busy from 2010 to 2014. She has hundreds of text exchanges with him to set up her services as well as pictures of her girls with players and recruits.

She seems to have recorded everything.

One other note of interest as we begin to, uh, bone up on this story, is the fact that the journalist who first reported the story, Pat Forde, co-wrote a book with Rick Pitino and is (was?) apparently his buddy. Hm.

“Not only does our terrible attendance record reflect poorly on the University but it also will take away from the student social experience at games.”

I confess I feel somewhat bewildered by what you have just told me, as Lady Bracknell says… Is attendance at games, as this University of Virginia student editorialist argues, really a reflection of any kind, poor or rich, on a university? You could argue that the school in question here, UVa, should be proud of its low football turn-out, suggestive as it is of things like independent mindedness and studiousness. Perhaps some UVa students don’t like thinking of themselves as subjects in a long-running experiment on how to stimulate your rats into finding boring bone-crushing sports events interesting.

[UVa needs to be] building new stadium video boards … enhancing sound systems….

Buy a state of the art Adzillatron to shriek car dealership ads at them! Trap them in a stadium for hours, unable to turn off, or even turn down, incessant messages!

But UD says: Nothing will work without liquor. Only schools willing to soak students in booze are going to get anywhere with the national nightmare of tanking game attendance. Once your students are really shitfaced, they’ll do anything.


Now with university players, it’s different. If you want to motivate them, try Coach Kermit Blount’s approach: starvation.

Well, UD wondered when the university escort scandal would start to take off.

But she figured that whenever it did take off, the leading edge of the scandal was likely to be the University of Louisville. (Put Louisville in my search engine.) The only real competition for Louisville would be the University of Miami, but, post-Nevin Shapiro, UM is lying low.

What other American university features a trustee who tried to resign but was forced to stay on the board by the governor of the state?

[Steve] Wilson, who is co-founder and CEO of 21c Museum Hotels LLC, said he has been unhappy with the effectiveness of the U of L board and had offered his resignation to Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, who declined to accept it.

Bet Steve wishes he’d risked… what? what can a governor do to you? … and gotten out while the getting was good…

Go ahead and read this first article of many. The details are titillating, the taxpayer money impressive, and I promise the accounts will get even better after they interview the players. The school people call the U of Smell is at it again.


Louisville’s coach, Rick Pitino, has had his own … uh… Here’s UD, back in 2009, posting on Pitino’s… er…

In admissions standards, there’s highly selective, selective, not selective, and …

… somewhere way below that, there’s Southeast Louisiana University, a public school where the taxes of the good people of that state are funding new football recruit Jonathan Taylor.

Taylor, so determinedly criminal-minded that even the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama dismissed him, has been welcomed with open arms by SLU.

Outside the Lines asked [a school spokesman] what SLU’s admission process is for students with criminal records and/or a pending felony charge, to which he responded, “Southeastern Louisiana has no specific admission policy regarding an individual’s police or court records.”

But actually SLU does. Basically, if you haven’t been convicted… of anything … super-serious (murder?) and if your court proceedings are still ongoing (i.e., if you haven’t been convicted yet), c’mon down y’all!

“While we are aware of past controversies, Jonathan has not been found guilty for the incidents he was accused of that led to his dismissal from his prior institutions,” Southeastern Louisiana said in a statement Wednesday.

So here’s Taylor’s student profile.

Domestic violence charges in Alabama against former Georgia defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor were dropped Tuesday as part of a plea agreement.

The 6-foot-4, 335-pound Taylor, who was dismissed from the Bulldogs’ football team last summer, still faces an aggravated assault charge in Athens-Clarke County from a July 2014 incident in which he reportedly choked and struck his girlfriend. He also faces a misdemeanor case of theft by deception in Athens for a cash-checking scheme that involved other Bulldogs players.

Taylor pleaded guilty in Alabama to a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief stemming from an altercation in March with a different woman. The woman, however, recanted her story.

For that long! Impressive.

[The University of] Georgia, which had a string of players suspended or dismissed over the last several years for various incidents, has stayed fairly clean and has not been associated with any major discipline problems since the start of the 2014 season.

“The NCAA found that a former administrative assistant for the basketball team took an online course for a recruit to help him become eligible to play at the school. When the NCAA looked into the case, the assistant asked the player to lie to investigators, the NCAA said.”

UD has said it again and again: online is the salvation of big-time university sports. You can cheat like hell with online courses.

UD has no idea how Southern Methodist University – famous for having so filthy a sports program that in 1987 it got one of the very few death penalties the NCAA has handed down – its entire football season was cancelled that year – got caught. It apparently did what a lot of schools with this sort of program no doubt do – signed a player up for an online course and had someone else take it for him.

Once SMU got caught, it didn’t help that the school is just a longterm rascally ol’ give-a-shit sort of place.

In a conference call with reporters, [an NCAA representative] noted SMU’s history of violating NCAA rules. The school has been called before the NCAA infractions committee 10 times since 1958. The basketball program last ran into trouble in 2011, when it admitted that coaches sent impermissible text messages to recruits. [This] history of violations was taken into consideration when this year’s punishment was issued.

Or, to put it less delicately;

SMU is the NCAA compliance version of Old Faithful. Just a matter of time before it erupts again. The infraction dates: 1958, 1965, 1974, 1976, 1981, 1985, 1987, 2000, 2011 and now 2015. And for all that rule violating, the Mustangs have one football national championship it can claim, from 1935… SMU is historically corrupt.

I think this guy is getting at the fact that corruption is SMU. That’s it. That’s the school.


This puts SMU’s coach “3-for-3 in putting programs on probation.” If you’re shocked that a death penalty school hired a coach who put his two previous schools’ basketball programs on probation, you’re not reading this blog with care.

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