Last year, the foulest of foul organizations, FIFA, said it might suspend all Greek soccer.

Ostentatiously corrupt FIFA and outrageously violent Greece got together this time last year and issued mucho this is really serious language after months of match riots culminated in a team owner rushing the field aiming his gun at officials and threatening to kill them.

Today’s Greece and today’s FIFA are a match made in heaven.

So obviously nothing came of this ominous concern about violence because life is about collecting money for yourself while watching your sport (high-profile soccer is becoming a violent-fascists-only spectacle all over the world) and also your country crumble into the dust.

La lutte continue. So what.

‘Getting into the stadium, chasing the players, our agents… I have no words.’

Enjoy the photographs.

‘I wonder if he’ll get accepted to Jale.’

The commenters at Deadspin never disappoint. This one wonders whether the all-’round nasty women’s soccer coach at Yale will end up a Jalie. The coach was raised in UD‘s neck of of the woods and went to a local school she knows well: Richard Montgomery High. I figure he couldn’t believe his eyes when he got to Yale, a billionaire thirty times over, and he reasonably enough looked around for ways he could be rich like all the people around him were rich. You know the deal, right? Our perceived wealth is largely based on the wealth of the people around us – neighbors, colleagues. How many eighteen year old fuckheads did he see driving Ferrari F60 Americas before he decided to get a piece of that?

Oh, and he didn’t only take bribes. He reportedly made his players write his papers for him. AND when told about it, Yale reportedly did nothing.

Life of the mind, USA:

Former football player loses no-show $100,000 university job after second DWI. Your education taxes at work.

You could get whiplash…

… following all the different dirt being kicked up in the Philip Esformes trial (earlier posts about the pious Esformes family here). Paying off all of Miami to help him run his rotten to the core nursing homes! Telling one of his comrades in crime to kill himself so as not to have to testify against him! Hiding frail baffled old people when his paid-off tipsters told him an inspection was about to happen! Giving Penn State’s basketball coach three hundred thousand dollars to lie and say Esformes Jr was so talented at the game he should be admitted to the school!

Jerome Allen, while awaiting sentencing for taking bribes, took the stand in the Esformes trial yesterday.

Allen said that the son was not qualified to play varsity basketball at Penn. He said he lied to the prestigious university about the son’s qualifications because he had been bribed by Esformes during a series of trips to Miami in 2013. He testified that the father gave him $10,000 in cash each time, the money tucked into a brown envelope stuffed inside a plastic bag, during their meetings in the lobby of the Fontainebleau Hotel… In total, Esformes paid Allen about $75,000 in cash bribes and an additional $220,000 in wire transfers into the coach’s bank account between 2013 and 2015.

Esformes’ lawyer said

Esformes’ son has maintained a nearly 3.6 GPA at UPenn, made the Dean’s List at Penn and plans to graduate from the Wharton School with the class of 2019.

But he failed to mention who Esformes has been paying to take the kid’s courses.

When you’re the highest paid public employee in the state AND…

… the public face of that state’s university, certain responsibilities….

Ah fuck. It’s Nevada.

What? You thought Greek basketball would be different from Greek football?

The air inside the arena was thick with smoke from cigarettes and flares, and the stands were packed with frothing fans. Almost none of them were women. There were even fewer children. In the front row, one man wearing white-and-green face paint shook a giant inflatable penis at the Olympiacos bench. Not far from him, another man, also in face paint, was shirtless and played a bongo he’d somehow smuggled into the arena. Basket teams in Greece have firms, just like European soccer clubs. Each part of the main fan area was divided into subsections with signs for identification: Victoria, Skyros, the Hooligans, Gate 13, Kavala, and, the hardest to miss, West Block, which unfurled a giant banner from the upper deck with a menacing gas mask emblem. When the Olympiacos players came out for warm-ups, the fans made the Greek fuck-you gesture and chanted in unison. I asked [my Greek companion] what they were saying, and he smiled: “Olympiacos, motherfuckers.”

Coach of Panathinaikos, the rival team? The University of Louisville’s most famous, most celebrated, most highly compensated (but not compensated enough: he’s currently suing the school for forty million dollars) personality: Rick Pitino. Read the whole article and you’ll see that Rick has finally found his level.


And on the domestic front…


Report: Southern Miss Coach Who Wanted To Hire Art Briles Also Tried To Add A Player Accused Of Two Knifepoint Rapes

Ich bin dein neuer Hitler!

Sounds better in German.


UD thanks Mondo.

Soccer: Bringing the World…

... together!

Sowwy, Babes.

Anal rape is all growed up.

This is the LEAST offensive soccer fan behavior…

…I’ve read about lately.

Life of the Mind, USA: Drunk racist assholes get a lawyer.

After repeated violent racist events on the University of Colorado campus, “all of Boulder’s fraternities have been banned from renting campus spaces for a year.” Hurling racist epithets at people officiating at their charity football games, driving a motorcycle “at a high rate of speed through a crowd of about 200 spectators and players,” and of course everyone beating the shit out of everyone else – the University of Colorado seems to have decided that these are behaviors incompatible with university life.

In filing an appeal, the frats have hired an attorney, who puts the whole thing in perspective:

“It gets a little rowdy, as you would expect of any football tournament between 19-year-olds. …They are boys, and they get excited playing football. It’s not like croquet.”

Life of the Mind, USA: University of New Hampshire Students Do The…


[The UNH football players] became involved in a large brawl at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. The brawl sent one person to the hospital with minor injuries.

The fight reportedly began when one of the SAE fraternity brothers refused to let a football player into a party.

Deputy Police Chief Rene Kelley said the person who was involved left the house and assaulted several other people.

… Kelley would not confirm or deny reports that the people who joined the football players in the attack were wearing masks similar to those in the movie “The Purge” or that some of those individuals were football players visiting from the University of Connecticut.

Great fun. No wonder it’s the most popular sport in the world.

“Playing in an empty stadium due to fan trouble, Marseille defeated 10-man Bordeaux 1-0 in a postponed French league game on Tuesday.

… Marseille was without Florian Thauvin and Kevin Strootman due to suspensions.

The normally boisterous Stade Velodrome was uncharacteristically quiet after fans were banned due to disturbances at Marseille’s home game against Lille on Jan. 25, when a firecracker thrown from the crowd landed near linesman Nicolas Danos. The game was delayed for around 40 minutes before play continued, and Marseille went on to lose 2-1.

The 18th-round game against Bordeaux had been delayed due to complications arising from France’s yellow vest protests.”

‘Competition supersedes morality.’

Wow. UD‘s been looking for a succinct summary of modern athletics, and there you have it! Well done.

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