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From a low ranking of 176 in 2018…

… to an appalling 216 today, Texas Tech got there the traditional southern way: Appoint political hacks to run the place; make athletics everything, with its full complement of disgusting fans, sadistic/litigious/mentally retarded coaches, corrupt boosters etc etc etc; make sure everyone on campus is fully armed.

And fully drunk. In a typical day in basketball, Texas Tech fans threw water bottles and lots of other shit on the court cuz they were losing.

To round out your reasons to attend this school, Lubbock is one of the most dangerous cities in Texas.

Margaret Soltan, February 28, 2024 7:25AM
Posted in: sport

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2 Responses to “From a low ranking of 176 in 2018…”

  1. Rich Says:


  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Rich: LOLOLOL. Many thanks for sending.

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