Young and FABULOUS

Around 3 a.m., a [Stetson University] security guard noticed a car with a blown tire pull into a handicap parking spot in front of a dormitory. The guard approached the driver, and 20-year-old Preston Barrow told the man that he had just smoked marijuana and had a rifle in his car, according to police.

Police responded and found an unloaded rifle, scope and 27 rounds of ammunition scattered throughout the car.

He’s got the cutest little baby face!

‘When Kim first tried to raise the plagiarism issue during the public comment portion of a school board meeting, Walton ruled him out of order for making a “personal attack” on Baldwin.’

Like the Howard University student who dared address the school’s great and powerful president about a lack of housing, Ridgefield High School senior Paul Kim dared point out that the superintendent of schools in his region of Connecticut was a career plagiarist.

Both students got slapped down real good; but the truth has a way, sometimes, of winning out — especially the truth that the first instinct of inept authorities faced with subordinate truth-tellers is to slap them down.

“Walton” is school board chairwoman Fran Walton, currently working out a resignation agreement for plagiarist superintendent Karen Baldwin.

This is maybe the twentieth post UD has done on high school administrators who plagiarize like crazy. These people are often making enormous salaries (Baldwin’s was close to $250,000), but cannot find the time or the brain cells to write their own simple greetings and announcements to their communities, thus setting a fine example for the legions of young writers under their care.

“It’s not the role of the federal government to step in and dictate whether firearms in the classroom are the right choice for any one specific shooter.”

Sing it, sister!

With the dirtiest and scariest of weaponized Russian oligarchs and their weaponized thugs charging onto the field and threatening the life of a referee, Greek soccer isn’t very family-friendly.

Hell, it isn’t even very non-weaponized thug-friendly.

Terrified spectators are scattering.

Greek soccer has been plagued by pitch invasions and violence on and off the pitch for years and authorities have repeatedly promised to clean up the game.

However, attendances have dwindled and this season only four clubs in the 16-team top division have posted average attendances of more than 5,000 spectators per league game.

In their own defense, referees will soon start packing heat, so that we can expect to see the kind of on-field fire fights that will, to be sure, remain attractive to a certain audience demographic (i.e., fans who also pack, and who can’t wait to join the fun), but will alienate any remaining non-weaponized spectators. Thus the 3,000 or so people who show up for most of the current matches will dwindle to a few hundred fully outfitted maniacs.

But hey. Gangs are people, too.


Corruption, referee intimidation, fan violence has been pandemic for years in Greece.

Take one of the world’s most sickeningly corrupt organizations, which oversees one incredibly violent game scene after another all over the world.

Add a league match in one of the world’s most anarchic states.

Add a team owner who’s a paranoid, violent, Russian oligarch.


I mean, so far, so good — no one cares that FIFA is hopelessly filthy.

No one cares that people routinely get beaten and killed in and around world soccer matches.


The whole thing: FIFA, club owners, fascist fans — it’s just pigs happy in the swill, and no one wants to interrupt the fun because if you do these people will blow your fucking head off.

They’re Walter Sobchak, at 1:30


But Walter’s so crazy that eventually his mad pistol-whipping ways get him in a little trouble, just like his real-life equivalent, eminent Russian statesman Ivan Savvidis. Ivan doesn’t go anywhere without serious personal weaponry and several heavily armed guards, and when a Greek team he owns ran into some trouble with a referee yesterday, he stormed the field along with his armed guard and with his hand on his gun and informed the referee “You’re over.”


What a pretty picture. Look at this (scroll down): Proud fascist enforcers, all of them dressed in black, swagger fully weaponized onto the field of play to kill the referee. It takes you back.

And forward. Nihilist kitsch again becomes the way of the world. You can see its most naked return on the fields of FIFA.

‘There are more than 200 students in the class ENGG 401 – Law and Professionalism. More than half of the enrolled students don’t attend the lectures; they just show up for the exams. The professors post their lecture notes online for the students.’

Wotta shocker when these high-quality courses generate systemic cheating! Massive numbers of foreign students, few of whom exist in the physical universe, a professor who doesn’t bother showing up for exams…

And that’s ain’t all, folks. Turns out cheating is everywhere in the University of Regina’s engineering program – faculty as well as students – and reading about all the efforts to break into professors’ offices to get the exams, to hack the system and change grades, to bribe TAs to get, er, special assistance… And then there are the professors stealing their students’ work … It’s quite something.

But the school is on it! For instance, it has sent out a message to all students asking them not to cheat. Plus any day now it intends to deploy shock troops to show up on exam days and take a serious look around.


UD thanks Jack.

‘Of the 28 complaints brought against [University of Illinois] fraternities in the past five years, only one was a torture practice condemned by the Geneva Convention.’

Great news on fraternities!


You know what that sound is, right, kiddies? RUN FOR IT.

HAHA. Just kidding. It’s popcorn!

But if you want to make that other popping sound, c’mon over to RKGuns!


It’s all happening at Stephen Foster Elementary School.

Stephen Foster!

Sing it:

Beautiful semi-, come unto me,
All of my classmates are waiting for thee;
Sounds of the bump stock heard in the day,
Teachers and students have all pass’d away!

Beautiful semi-, queen of my song,
List while I woo thee with soft melody;
Gone are the cares of life’s busy throng,—
Beautiful semi-, awake unto me!
Beautiful semi-, awake unto me!

‘Sometimes very big money — like the $10.4 million Texas A&M owed Kevin Sumlin for firing him without cause after last season. Sometimes ridiculous money — like the $35 million Clemson would owe Dabo Swinney if the school did the same to him this year.’

Life of the mind, USA.

Oh What a Lovely War!

Tonight’s carnage: Three terrified women, health care workers, shot to pieces by a madman with a high-powered rifle.


But are we downhearted? Sing it!


Are we downhearted?

Then let your voices ring
And all together sing.

Are we downhearted?
Not while our country loves the NRA.

While we have guns upon the sea,
And guns upon the land, we need not fret.
It’s a long, long way to armageddon,
But we’re not downhearted yet!

“[E]very country contains mentally ill and potentially violent people. Only America arms them.”

Arms them? We do more than that, baby! We ARM them!!



An armed man wearing a bullet proof vest has reportedly taken three people hostage inside a veteran’s home in California after firing between 15 and 20 shots, law enforcement officials said…

Eyewitnesses say the man had an assault rifle and was wearing body armor.

Mother Goose Rhyme

Martin Shkreli, Pharma Bro’ –
How does your karma grow?
With Retrophin and Daraprim
And seven long years in a row.

18-month-old suing Dick’s Sporting Goods over …

gun policy. His one-month-old brother is also suing.

In the works: A class action lawsuit on behalf of amalgamated fetal tissue.

Some as old as six are also talking about suing.

And you’re never too old to defend your second amendment rights! Make enough outrageous seizures like this one, and citizens as old as ten will also be looking for lawyers.

In honor of International Women’s Day…

… read and learn. This is the way ambitious university women are cut down to size – pretty much, in this case, the minute they get to campus – by powerful, institutionally inept men and their, er, micro-aggressions.

UD imagines almost every woman who has gotten anywhere in this country has dealt – verbally or in writing – with this particular condescending Big-Man-to-Small-Girl thing.

In this case, the president of one of America’s shabbiest, most ill-run universities received a letter of complaint from a student. No biggie: She just didn’t have anywhere to liveno housing, because Howard University boasts a long history of global administrative incompetence paired with surly treatment of desperate unhoused students. In response to her reasoned letter, Howard’s president wrote this:

Your tone and tenor is inappropriate.


After which, in a final snippy and princely sentence, he told her he’d copy her letter to the ‘appropriate’ offices at Howard.

So… you’re nineteen years old, just arrived at an expensive college you and your parents can barely afford, and the highest representative of that college has just told your roofless self to fuck off and learn how to address the boss man. How to worry not about a place to live, but that you’ve been insufficiently cringing in your approach to a rich, powerful man’s university-destroying greatness.

What can I say, girlies? Rather than scrutinize pathetically your pathetic humiliated female self, the thing to do is EXACTLY what this woman did: Put your letter and Mr Big’s letter side by side on social media, and watch it all go beautifully viral. Brava.

How UD’s Mother, and her Mentor, Wilhelmina Jashemski, Would have Loved This.

They did more than excavate ancient gardens together; they loved to explore ancient mosaics. This newly discovered site is amazing.

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