Baylor: A Rape Extravaganza

The Baylor University Song

One more rape to settle
One more charge to deny
One more man to pick up after
Our school’s Christian but all we do is lie

I only know that
When they’re jailed our game’s so empty
Though I try to forget
It just can’t be done

Each time a recruit rings I still run
I don’t know how in the world
To stop thinking of them
‘Cause I still love them so

UD Sends Love and Kisses to Fellow Members …

… of her “fringe and vociferous group,” Women of the Wall. Recall UD, featured here in the Forward (scroll down to her smiling and her holding her prayer shawl), at a rally outside the Israeli embassy on behalf of religious freedom in Israel.

And, well, WOW. We won.


(Your blogueuse.)


Chelsea Clinton: J’ACCUSE!

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin sharply attacked the American Jewish Reform movement during Sunday’s government hearing on the compromise regarding a non-Orthodox prayer space at the Western Wall, saying that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to her Jewish partner, officiated by a Reform rabbi and a priest, shows the extent of assimilation among Reform Jews in the United States.

“… [A] man who calls himself a reform rabbi is standing there with a priest and weds Hillary Clinton’s daughter, and no one condemns it, thereby legitimizing it.”  

Wyoming: Tossing Millions at Trivialities

This local editorial says all the right things about the budget-stressed state of Wyoming giving millions to university football and slashing millions from public education. (See this post for details.)

We don’t believe for one moment that this money is going to improve UW’s chances of having a winning football team – which really is the goal behind this. At best, it keeps pace with other schools in the Mountain West Conference. And it does nothing to ease the impacts of UW’s bigger problems: Quality athletes are not going to play in Laramie, at least not consistently, when they have options with better amenities and climates.

This is a myth, a dream, that UW’s athletics department and its supporters peddle. It is time to move on to a smaller conference and perhaps even a different division – at least in football.

True, there is some value in seeing athletics as the “front porch” of the university. But in times of fiscal crisis, it is unwise to toss millions at trivialities when cuts are being made that hurt the public schools, and UW’s academic programs, and the state’s poor.

The editorial board even tries to make the argument that sports are less serious than study.

Athletics are an extravagance; academics are not.


Wyoming is just like Oklahoma, where the University of Oklahoma’s president is yet again explaining to stupid us (“the public misunderstands”) that we shouldn’t even ask the question posed in this Tulsa World headline:


We shouldn’t even ask this, because the money’s not coming from the state and hell that’s how people spend their money in Oklahoma! They don’t give a shit about whatever else the university does. What else does UO do? Don’t ask! Don’t even ask!

Boren misunderstands that the real question isn’t about state or non-state funds. Oklahoma and Wyoming are two of our most happily and severely concussed states. They don’t cotton much, round them parts, to thinking.

The Soviet of the People’s Five-Year Plan…

… meets in Fargo to discuss raising the student athletics fee 35.5%.

[Student] Conner Swanson … questioned why [the North Dakota State University athletics deputy director and senior associate athletic director for development] were requesting a fee increase when athletics and other organizations received an increase for a five-year plan two years ago.

“What has changed and why are you back two years later and not five?” Swanson asked.

“I’d have to go back and take a look at (that fee increase) and get back to you,” [the deputy director] said.

“We fired 29 tenured faculty members,” [former University of New Orleans chancellor Tim] Ryan said. “That didn’t cause nearly as much controversy as [my beginning the process of] going to a Division III athletics program, when only 500 people a game were watching our Division I athletics program.”

He’s outta there. They stayed in Division I.

Come to UD’s Poetry Lectures…

… at the Georgetown Public Library on three Saturdays:

April 2
April 9
April 16

Haven’t set the time yet, but it will probably be late morning/early afternoon. Here’s a description:

Lecture One: Winter kept us warm: Poetry as Paradox

In a year that began with a great blizzard in Washington, we’ll look first in this lecture series at what poetry makes of the snow: as an image, a symbol, a mood, a setting. We’ll focus on three poems – T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land,’ Louis MacNeice’s ‘Snow,’ and Hayden Carruth’s ‘The Curtain’ – and ask not only what sort of utterance poetry is, but also what it offers us intellectually and emotionally as we experience the power of nature.

Lecture Two: Stirring dull roots with spring rain: Poetry as Life Itself

April is the month of these lectures; April is National Poetry Month; April marks the renewal of life in the spring season. That all sounds great, yet Eliot calls April “the cruellest month.” Our focus in this lecture will be James Schuyler’s exuberantly long poem, ‘Hymn to Life,’ which is set in Washington DC in the spring.

Lecture Three: Flying off into nothing: Poetry as Death

Our final two poems, Gerard Manley Hopkins’ ‘Spring and Fall,’ and Sylvia Plath’s ‘Berck-Plage,’ complete our seasonal exploration of what poetry is, and what it can do by way of clarifying our relationship to our lives in nature.

The “Hell to Rhodes”…

… was paved with good intentions.

But no.

Want a Window into Why Bernie Sanders is Doing So Well?

Consider one of Bernie’s fellow University of Chicago grads, John Martin, who has been honored by that university: He sits on the board of trustees. Martin heads the price-gouging drug firm, Gilead. Here’s a summary of his 2014 compensation.

Gilead — whose hepatitis C treatment, Sovaldi, can cost patients up to $84,000 for a 12-week treatment — said Martin received compensation valued at $18.9 million last year and gained $187.4 million from previously awarded stock options and restricted shares.

Martin’s 2014 pay included a $1.6 million salary, stock award valued at $8.4 million, stock options worth $5.2 million and $3.7 million incentive award. Excluding gains from exercised stock options and vested shares, Martin’s compensation rose 22% from $15.5 million in 2013, Gilead said Friday in an annual proxy filing.

Martin, CEO since 1996, has scored eye-popping equity gains before.

He exercised stock options for a $158.9 million gain and received $4.8 million from vested shares in 2013. And in 2012, his compensation was valued at $95.8 million after receiving about $54.5 million in 2011 and $53.2 million in 2010, according to company filings.

What’s he making this year? You have to figure he’s pulling in around two hundred million. Just this one guy.


Who cares? Not shareholders. Not one of America’s best universities, which has put one of the country’s great icons of greed and cruelty in charge of its students’ educations. No one who matters cares. On the contrary. They’re thrilled.


Gilead and Martin play a very small part in a very large story that Americans are having trouble ignoring. 2015 was the year in which everyone loved to hate Martin Shkreli – in the world of vicious rapacity, he got the spotlight. For a few months, Shkreli stood for all the CEOs holding hundreds of millions of dollars while watching people who could benefit from their medications die, or ruin their lives trying to survive.

But Shkreli is the lowlife, the lurid loudmouth easy to see and easy to hate. John Martin is the quiet, dressed for success, face of income inequality. To focus on John Martin is to understand that income inequality and wealth inequality aren’t mere phrases, mere abstractions. To listen to Bernie Sanders is to hear the only politician willing to bring clarity and outrage to what he calls “the great moral issue of our time.”

Concussion crisis…

raging out of control.

As one country after another adopts sensible restrictions on the burqa…

UD finds amusing the doublespeak the new policies generate. England has not only given schools the right to ban the burqa, it has given school inspectors the right to “mark down” schools where the burqa seems to hinder learning and interaction.

Outrageous! After all…

‘The veil doesn’t make pupils intelligent or not. It gives them their identity…’

The identity of fully veiled women is that of no identity. Your very mouth is covered. The identity is that of hushed invisibility.

And note the language: It gives them their identity. These are very young girls to whom an identity has been given long before they are even able to formulate the concept ‘identity’ for themselves.

But that’s just the point. The younger you veil them, the better.

“[University of Wyoming] athletics appears to remain a priority, as the vote to approve the [increased] appropriation came on the same day that the Joint Appropriations Committee voted to cut $45 million from Wyoming K-12 funding and eliminate the $3.3 million Family Literacy program budget.”

Keeping them dumb in Wyoming.


And okay – today’s theme on University Diaries seems to be stupidity. I mean, UD keeps reading more and more Americans worrying about how stupid we are. The context seems to be the GOP presidential front-runners, and it’s not confined to the left.

I don’t mean obvious stuff like Bill Maher’s. The Weekly Standard, which UD thought was Sarah Palin’s biggest booster, just ran a review of a book called Too Dumb to Fail. Excerpts from the review:

I had thought that Matt Lewis’s new book about the conservative Republican future, Too Dumb To Fail, had a title that was accurate but a bit ahead of its time. Then, on the eve of the book’s publication, Sarah Palin endorsed the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, with a rambling “speech” that thoroughly earned a New York Daily News front page headline “I’m With Stupid”…

[Southern evangelicals] as a group tend to lack intellectual curiosity and rigor. Bringing a decidedly unintellectual group into the [conservative] movement, Lewis contends, encouraged the movement itself to move away from its strength, its use of argument to explain America’s challenges and propose real solutions that solve them…

Pandered to by [media] “leaders” who profit enormously from keeping their flock sheltered, this has created a worldview in which conservatives are an embattled majority suppressed only by the betrayal of elites and their putative leaders. “Informed” by such falsehoods, it is no wonder when we ponder a future as I write of a Republican party led either by a demagogue or a charlatan.


And here’s a description of the highest-profile student/athlete at one of America’s highest-profile public universities.

[Maty] Mauk isn’t just stupid. He’s a true hard working moron.


There’s one thing UD likes about this sudden national freeing of stupidity from the closet.

When La Kid was a kid, she and I loved a series of books called The Stupids. Then we were instructed by a child-something specialist among our acquaintance that it was very very wrong to read The Stupids, very wrong to use the word, let alone laugh at The Stupids.

Of course UD and La Kid ignored this person. But it’s always sort of been in the back of UD‘s mind as an annoyance that this person said this to her and to her daughter. It makes UD happy to see how far we’ve come as a country just in the last couple of decades in terms of naming the problem openly.

Fetal Inversion…

… or Unplanned Warranthood.

Maty Mauk Crosses a …



Yes, after the drunken bar fight and after the fleeing the scene of an accident thing and after other unnamed disciplinary whatnots, the seriously fucked up hero of the Mizzou gridiron seems to have crossed one line too many, even for the University of Missouri, one of America’s sleaziest jockshops. Let’s review:

Seven Mizzou football and men’s basketball players have been arrested eight times since January [2014]… That tally also doesn’t count an independent investigation scheduled to be released Friday about the alleged rape and eventual suicide of former swimmer Sasha Menu Courey… [A] football coach was suspended after a drunken-driving arrest two years ago, and [a] basketball coach was suspended last season by the NCAA.

There’s the other celebrated Mizzou football YouTube (Maty doing coke has gone viral) of Maty’s last coach trying to recite the alphabet. There’s the coach’s reward for generating this sort of publicity. There’s one of Maty’s recent predecessors as quarterback:

[Blaine] Dalton was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of a controlled substance, minor in possession of alcohol, possession of false identification and three traffic charges, including a lane violation and failure to provide insurance.

Sextuple play! Beat that, Maty!

At Mizzou, it’s not just about getting filmed. Look at the people who do the filming.

Director of video operations Michael Schumacher spent $7,605.50 [on a Mizzou corporate credit card] in a single night at Olympic Garden, a club conveniently located on the Strip that “feature[s] literally hundreds of the world’s most beautiful ladies (known as the Dreamgirls) in a relaxing and spacious setting.” One of those charges included a $2,000 tip on a $4,400 bill. Maybe I don’t understand how strip clubs work, but was Schumacher being extra generous, or is “tip” just how you say “blowjob” on a receipt?

The University of Missouri: America’s most amazing video operation.


Hold on there a minute! The white line never moves!

We don’t really know what’s on the table. At first glance, if we had to make a guess, we know what our first answer would be. I would say cocaine, but we don’t know with 100% certainty. Also, I’ve watched the video at least 20 times and the white substance that is on the table, never really appears to go up Mauk’s nose. That white line never moves.

“I didn’t know the damn birds were valuable.”

A trustee at the University of South Carolina is on trial in federal court on seven charges of “unlawfully trapping and killing multiple federally protected migratory hawks.”

Some damn reporter approached this guy on his way out of the courtroom. The trustee didn’t know his damn trial was valuable. “Why you want to put something in the paper like this … whatever.”

I mean sure he imported tons of quail to his property so he could shoot and eat ’em but see quail attracts hawks which he didn’t know I guess. Hyuk. Simple solution: Kill the hawks moving in on your kill. Maybe he and his hired hands (also on trial) didn’t know hawks were protected. Maybe they didn’t care. Fuck the federal gummit thing maybe. Maybe the USC trustee will do a Bundy Standoff and stand there shooting hawks until the feds try to stop him and then he can threaten to kill the feds which are also a protected species but maybe he doesn’t know.

Now this is South Carolina. North Carolina you got a trustee arrested for carrying his handgun into a congressional building up here in UD‘s hometown.

Them trigger happy trustee boys will get into trouble at home or abroad and you really need to keep an eye on them.

One thing the University of South Carolina might look into in regard to helping out this trustee is it might want to introduce this trustee to this USC professor. Right there on their own faculty USC’s got a guy who specializes in dwindling birds and the ways they get dwindled. UD thinks a little sitdown with Professor Mousseau, a cup of tea, a semi-automatic, and a hawk corpse might be damn valuable.

Sordid Florida …

State has settled a lawsuit in regard to their Jesus figure for about a million dollars.

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