… puts out a newsletter about itself.  A citizen comments:

Residents within the Freehold Regional High School District recently received the mid-winter district newsletter. In it, I was amazed to find the district smelling like roses. The district has been an embarrassment since the news that the superintendent, two assistant superintendents and two other employees were found to have earned degrees from a diploma mill.

The board supported the administration (not even having the nerve to admonish them for their actions) and, despite claiming that things would change, continues to show contempt for the public that has spoken out on the misappropriation of funds on this and other items. The only changes we have seen were mandated by the state.

The newsletter contains an article on the accredited schools our seniors have been accepted to. Our students know where to go to further their education. What does that say about the administrators who should know better and set an example?

Another article concerns the need to hold back expenses with a quote from the superintendent that the district has a “moral obligation” to do so. This man received tuition reimbursements and additional stipends on his “diploma,” has cost the district more in legal fees and had no qualms about leasing a luxury SUV at $700 a month, with board approval.

This newsletter comes just at the start of school board electioneering and budget presentations. It paints a wonderful, albeit false, picture of the district and gives current board members positive, but wholly undeserved, free publicity. Anyone following the news should know better.

Yes, congratulations, kids, on having been admitted to accredited colleges! Before you go, drop by the office and tell us how you did it. But talk real slow.

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2 Responses to “The Joke that is the Freehold N.J. High School District…”

  1. Barry Hochberg Says:

    Ms. Soltan,

    Thanks for using my letter to the editor. It was edited a little, but the meaning wasn’t changed. I find it so amazing how perfectly timed this propaganda is sent out (although I will admit that prior to this embarrassment the district has incurred I didn’t pay it much mind) along with the teacher’s union (NJEA) commercials we see at this time of the year telling us this is "all for the students" (although I always noticed these commercials!).

    After I submitted this letter I decided to run for the representative of my town (Marlboro, NJ) to this Board of Ed. There are three other seats also up for election and there are people, like myself, who have stepped up to the plate to try to fix this situation.

    I only hope that we have enough time until the election on April 21st to reach everyone! I have already started speaking to groups in my town.

    Barry Hochberg

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dear Barry: You’re most welcome.

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