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Key West Airport.

No problem finding your gate, because there’s only one gate.

Cabbie to the airport, a frazzled woman: “I’m so over Key West. I’ve been here too long. I’m movin’ to Miami. My dad’s got a house there. I’ve had it with sweating. Enough sweating. The people I thought were my friends are only out for themselves. I’m getting ripped off right and left. Aren’t any jobs. Cabbie? Cabbies are people with SUCKER written across their forehead. I can’t stand being so far away from any other place. You can’t get anywhere. You can’t get out of the state.”

Margaret Soltan, April 30, 2009 7:45AM
Posted in: snapshots from key west

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2 Responses to “Key West Airport.”

  1. James Says:

    Hope she enjoys the .5 degree temperature difference in Miami.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    James: I know, I know. But at least she’s got a father’s love.

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