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The Song of the Key West Collared Dove…

… was, you recall, Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones.

The wood thrush’s ee-oh-lay — which, now that the babies are here, I hear all day long — is the theme to Mission Impossible.

The ee-oh-lay notes start at fifteen seconds into the Mission Impossible You Tube. It’s those three strong notes that work through the piece, a leit-motif.

Here’s the wood thrush. Hear it?

Margaret Soltan, June 10, 2009 7:42PM
Posted in: snapshots from home

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2 Responses to “The Song of the Key West Collared Dove…”

  1. RJO Says:

    You can see now how sharp Hopkins was with his rinse and wring.

  2. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Are there red-winged blackbirds in Bohemia?

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