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Send a poster to Ezra.

He’s lost all his Rothkos.

CityFile proposes we pitch in with replacements.

Margaret Soltan, July 17, 2009 4:03PM
Posted in: merkins

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One Response to “Send a poster to Ezra.”

  1. Bonzo Says:

    I’ve got a fake Miro. A really good one. My son works at an art gallery and somehow got his hands on it. If we introduce it by saying that it is a fake, people will usually say, yah, sure, there is x,y, and z wrong with it.

    But if we introduce it as a Miro, people usually bite.

    There is a label on the back side that declares it a fake. Under pain of death I have been ordered not to remove it.

    But somehow this would seem to be the right piece of art for Ezra.

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