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Customers [at a Berlin brothel] who arrive on bicycle or who can prove they took public transportation get a 5-euro ($7) discount from the usual 70-euro ($100) fee for 45 minute sessions.

UD thanks her sister for the link.

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5 Responses to “Public to Private Transport”

  1. Eric the Read Says:

    Reading the title just now, I inadvertently omitted a letter from the first word, and was just about to castigate you for the pun….

  2. Dave Stone Says:


    This kind of flesh-pedaling is NO basis for a pun.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Not bad, lad.

  4. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Punch my transfer a little long because I have an appointment with Lilli Marlene.

  5. In the provinces Says:

    In German, "Verkehr" means both "transportation" and "intercourse." It all seems more appropriate than you might at first think.

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