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The University of Virginia Takes on the Entrenched Northeastern Douchocracy.

SOS doffs her hat to the editorial staff of the University of Virginia newspaper. Their response to GQ having ranked the school 25th Douchiest is lovely.

And the comments! Even lovelier.

(The school University Diaries has dubbed the worst university in America, the University of Georgia, comes in 13th.)

Margaret Soltan, September 16, 2009 7:44PM
Posted in: Scathing Online Schoolmarm, the university

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2 Responses to “The University of Virginia Takes on the Entrenched Northeastern Douchocracy.”

  1. Bill Gleason Says:

    OK, UD, and everyone else, let’s have this out.

    For some time I have been offended by the use of the phrase "douchebag" and other variations.

    It has been some time since products like "feminine deodarant spray" (FDS) have been popular.

    Somehow the use of this particular phrase seems to me to be insulting to the female half of humankind.

    Have at it.

    Mr. Bonzo

  2. jim Says:

    When our youngest was touring prospective colleges, the guide at UVA referred to "The War of Northern Aggression". She decided not to go.

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