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When UD Read of the Hofstra Gang Rape…

… she thought “Five men tie up a woman and rape her in a dormitory bathroom while a party’s going on not far away and no one hears anything? No one comes in?”

Suspicious, she decided not to write about it on her blog, even though, if true, it was a very big university story.

Another reason UD felt uncertain about this case: A number of fake rape stories are happening at universities lately. Women report being raped and then, a day or two later, admit to having lied about it.

The Hofstra student has indeed admitted lying; the sex, she says, was consensual. The men she accused are quite unhappy at having been arrested and jailed, and having their mug shots appear all over the nation’s newspapers, because of a crime they did not commit.

Margaret Soltan, September 16, 2009 10:57PM
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3 Responses to “When UD Read of the Hofstra Gang Rape…”

  1. RJO Says:

    It makes me think of one of FIRE’s latest cases, at East Georgia College. A senior administrator was giving a presentation on the college’s sexual harassment policy, and a faculty member asked what safeguards were in place to prevent false accusations. He was told there were none. Two days later this faculty member was advised that he must resign or be fired, and was escorted off campus by a security guard. The subsequent actions of the college’s president and vice president are almost too farcical to believe.

  2. Muggins Says:

    There are a couple of links in the sentence:

    “A number of fake rape stories are happening at universities lately”

    Both links are broken, can I ask to what stories they referred? I guess they are old links.

    Was it Catherine McKinnon who said that men falsely accused of rape can “sometimes benefit from the experience”? That idea seems to be going mainstream these days and it’s rather scary.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Yes, two of the three links in this old post have expired. Sadly, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding several much more recent fake rape stories.

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