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Gazette has been interviewing UD this afternoon about what it’s like living in Ferdinand House — which is what Les UDs call their Garrett Park house. The last owner of the house was Munro Leaf, who wrote Ferdinand. UD knew his widow, Margaret Leaf, slightly.

A photographer’s coming to the house this Sunday – the article will feature the two topiary bulls we have in the front yard.

UD will link to the article, of course, when it appears.

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3 Responses to “A Reporter from the Montgomery County…”

  1. francofou Says:

    An icon of my childhood.


  2. Michael Tinkler Says:

    You know, you just have media busting out all over!

    I hope that GWU recognizes this!

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    francofou: Sweet. The Sneaky.

    Michael: Yes, I’m getting more than my share of attention lately, with one thing and another. GW, via my department chair, Jeffrey, has been wonderful about tracking all the attention via university media web pages and Twitters and Facebooks and all.

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