Devoted readers know I like to write these. Here are a few. I take a newspaper article and make a poem out of it.

Here’s the article
from which I’ve made my latest newspaper poem.

Here’s the poem:

A Lunar Crash Won’t Hurt the Moon

A lunar crash won’t hurt the moon.
Think of an eyelash, drifting to the floor of a 747.
This is a million times gentler than that.

The sun will light the impact plume
As it lifts six miles to heaven,
Deepening Cabeus Crater’s vat

Of shadowed ice, and making a boon
For lunar bases. A little leaven,
Moon dirt, a shepherd craft…

And the rock resumes
Its even, meteoritic,

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3 Responses to “UD Writes a Newspaper Poem”

  1. adam Says:

    Meanwhile, in an alternative universe…

    The loon in the dune sings a tune to the moon,
    Over the rise of the hills.
    Where shall I go that is most opportune
    When the fallouts rise to the rills?

    When the rocket hits, and the ice sheet splits,
    And NASA’s hubris exults
    With a hip-hip-hip and a PR blitz –
    Till the orbit wobbles and chaos results,

    And the moon comes down in the middle of town
    With too little time to prepare.
    And the loon in the dune says how inopportune,
    I’ll be crushed and have nothing to wear.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Charming and clever, adam. Thought of the Beatles — Fool on the Hill — as I read.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Am I the only one who, upon reading this metaphor, imagined planet earth as a 747 full of human eyelashes up to the passengers’ knees?

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