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It’s a distinction UGA works to maintain.

Apparently, head coaches need to worry about their bosses dipping their toes into legal hot water this time of year as well as their players.

According to the FOX affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia athletic director Damon Evans was arrested Wednesday night following a traffic stop and charged with DUI.

The station reports that Evans’ 2009 BMW was pulled over at 11:55 p.m. Wednesday. Evans was given a field sobriety test, and then later refused to take a breathalyzer test.

(It also apparently took police officers quite some time to set the camera up for Evans’ mug shot as the athletic director appears to have nodded off at some point during the process.)

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2 Responses to “UD has long called the University of Georgia the worst university in America.”

  1. Michael Tinkler Says:

    It gets worse….according to my parents local paper he had a 28 year old woman who is “just a friend” in the car with him. The last assistant coach with a DUI at Georgia was made to pay a fine of a month of salary. Not sure Evans will get off with that.

    Sorry for no link — I’m trying to live in an iPad this week and it’s not really working for link making.

  2. University Diaries » The University of Georgia has Many Distinctions. Says:

    […] University Diaries long ago named it The Worst University in America. […]

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