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Snapshots from Home

WAMU 88.5, UD‘s local public radio station, features UD‘s town, Garrett Park, on its Metro Connection show today at 1:00.

Here’s its teaser:

The Simple Life in Garrett Park

[Simple Life? UD leads a quiet but not simple life. Few people in Garrett Park lead a simple life.]

Nestled behind the Music Center at Strathmore, the cozy neighbor of Kensington and Rockville in Maryland, lies Garrett Park. [Already a confusing sentence. The writer – who likes cliches (nestled, cozy) – apparently means that Garrett Park is the neighbor, but the sentence reads as though the Music Center is the cozy neighbor.] This little town in a big city sits on 400 acres. Nearly as many houses make up Garrett Park and, according to the Census, there are fewer than one thousand residents.

It’s a place filled with the ringing of chapel bells – except when the bell gets stuck – and the rumble along nearby train tracks. Garrett Park has played home to inventors and authors, including Donal McLaughlin, the 102 year old who designed the emblem of the United Nations, and author of the children’s classic Ferdinand the Bull.  [Longtime readers know that Les UDs own Munro Leaf’s house… Good thing this wasn’t a television thing, since by now my lawn probably looks pretty shitty…. Maybe the reporter will mention our two topiary bulls sitting in the pachysandra out front — tributes to Leaf.]  This quiet preserve, filled with trees and children at play, is historically registered and for the most part completely unknown. Andrew Hiller goes to town.

Margaret Soltan, July 16, 2010 6:51AM
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