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There’s a great poem…

in here, but UD‘s nowhere near a good enough poet to write it.

I think we need Walt Whitman for this one. Can’t think, at the moment, of a contemporary poet up to the task.

Margaret Soltan, July 15, 2010 7:39AM
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5 Responses to “There’s a great poem…”

  1. Mr Punch Says:

    More likely Longfellow — Whitman among the less shipwreck-oriented of 19th c. poets.

  2. Eric the Read Says:

    I was thinking Tennyson, Mr Punch, but I think you’re right– Longfellow would be a better choice.

  3. Dennis Says:

    No, we need Seamus Heaney. And he’s contemporary.

  4. Ahistoricality Says:

    We build on the bones of the past
    Small things first, then monuments vast
    When things fall apart
    we go back to the start
    and sometimes dig up an old mast.

    Well, it’s not Longfellow.

  5. Margaret Soltan Says:

    But it’s beautiful. Thank you, Ahistoricality.

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