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“[C]hildren played with Legos stamped with the word Risperdal…”

Harvard University’s Joseph Biederman must be smiling.


UD thanks David for the link.

Margaret Soltan, September 1, 2010 8:49PM
Posted in: march of science

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4 Responses to ““[C]hildren played with Legos stamped with the word Risperdal…””

  1. GTWMA Says:

    “It’s a controversial diagnosis, I agree with that,” said Dr. Concepcion. “But if you will commit yourself in giving these children these medicines, you have to have a diagnosis that supports your treatment plan. You can’t just give a nondiagnosis and give them the atypical antipsychotic.”

    Did he just say what I think he said? First, you decide what drugs you will give. Then, you decide on the diagnosis.

  2. Bill Gleason Says:

    “Sentence first, verdict afterwards!”

  3. adam Says:

    Tail wagging dog.

  4. University Diaries » Harvard University’s Professor Joseph Biederman… Says:

    […] it’s marketed. What child can resist free legos? Risperdal puts legos stamped with the word RISPERDAL in pediatricians offices! If the sight of a three-year old playing with toys advertising her […]

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