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The Lawrence Journal-World offers a fond farewell…

… to the departing athletics director at the University of Kansas.

… [T]he university … has been disgraced by the recent ticket scandal and the ongoing investigations by the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

… [Lew Perkins’] personal manner was arrogant with little concern, interest or appreciation for the long and generous support and help given [by alumni] on behalf of the university.

… [F]aculty members and alumni became upset at the millions upon millions spent on athletics facilities when university officials were being asked to trim expenditures for academic purposes and cutbacks in faculty and support staff. Consider the huge debt Perkins is leaving for someone else to pay.

… Perkins’ receiv[ed] more than $4 million for one-year’s service, clearly the highest salary paid to any athletic director at any U.S. university…

There’s more. Read the editorial. And then ponder the fact that Lew Perkins is the very model of a modern major athletics director.

Margaret Soltan, September 8, 2010 4:04AM
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