Some students and professors say Mississippi State shouldn’t cancel Thursday classes for a football game.

In the article’s comment thread, a fan complains:

I guess with all the academics on our campus there’s no surprise we’d get a nerd (or professor) or two to complain.

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3 Responses to “Mississippi State’s problem: All the academics on campus”

  1. Ralph Luker Says:

    UD should visit Mississippi State some day. I’d never seen a campus on which the football stadium itself is literally at the center of the campus.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Ralph: I didn’t know that! I’m going to Mississippi State’s website and taking a look.

  3. Crimson05er Says:

    Reminds one of how Huey Long paid for a gargantuan expansion of LSU’s football stadium — home to gladiators to match his imperial ambitions — during the midst of the Great Depression: by building dormitory space under the new bleachers and reorienting the entire campus around what had been its fringe.

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