Corporate denial consulting turns out to be a perfect career niche for Chad. Fortune 500 companies are calling him all the time. There’s a lot to deny and Chad is good at it.

Gregg Easterbrook’s immortal satire of a Christmas letter to friends includes this intriguing occupation: corporate denial consulting.

The corporate denialists are no doubt in full combat mode this morning, helping the University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, the University of Miami, and Yale University deny suggestions that high-profile professors at their schools put their name on pharma-generated, ghostwritten, articles and books.

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One Response to “Denial Mechanism”

  1. adam Says:

    Penn and Brown and Yale and UM
    Learned that their faculty authors (ahem)
    Were cited for ghosting,
    Which ended the boasting,
    And led them to file
    A public denial
    That was itself ghosted
    By jobbers who posted
    As denial consultants
    Who claimed with exultance
    That they make the rules
    For our very best schools.

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