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Party Pooper.

A letter in the University of Georgia newspaper.

The incident that led to the resignation of The Red & Black’s editor-in-chief is not particularly surprising, given the extraordinary emphasis placed on alcohol and partying in your paper this fall.

The relentless “No. 1 Party School”-themed articles and link on The Red & Black’s website speak volumes — volumes of vodka, as it turns out.

Since 2004 I have contributed 85 published columns to The Red & Black.

But this fall I chose not to submit anything at all, primarily because of my disappointment with the direction of the paper.

I hope the forced shake-up in leadership is a turning point for The Red & Black, which in past years has been the best newspaper in Athens.

John Knox
Assistant professor Athens

Margaret Soltan, December 3, 2010 1:00PM
Posted in: STUDENTS, the most irresponsible university in america

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