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… in UD‘s English department.

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7 Responses to “It’s three for three…”

  1. Dave Stone Says:

    Twain knew exactly what he was doing with the language he chose, and bowdlerizing his writing replaces lightning with lightning bugs. There are lines from novels that stick with me for decades. I haven’t read Huckleberry Finn for twenty-five years, but there’s a passage that I will never forget:

    “It warn’t the grounding — that didn’t keep us back but a little. We blowed out a cylinder-head.”

    “Good gracious! anybody hurt?”

    “No’m. Killed a nigger.”

  2. Joe Fruscione Says:

    Add at least three of UD’s English Department’s alums and former adjuncts to the opposition. A few of us have been talking about it.

    And, right after the passage Dave cites, Aunt Sally remarks: “Well, that’s good because sometimes people get hurt.”

    Looks like I’ll have a little something extra to talk about when I start teaching the novel in two-ish weeks.

  3. Bill Gleason Says:

    Right on!

    There is a brouhaha brewing over at the Chronicle, have a look:


  4. theprofessor Says:

    That’s the line, Dave. Twain encapsulated American slavery in four (and a half?) words.

  5. Michael Tinkler Says:

    I bought my father a copy of The N-Word of the Narcissus for Christmas. I tell you, it’s a growth field! How else can you download a public domain novel, alter it so very slightly, copyright your new version, and sell it at a profit?

  6. Chas S. Clifton Says:

    This censorship is highly selective, have you noticed?

  7. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Yes, Chas: We’ll have to redo our Roots too, as it were… And William Faulkner. Lots of work to be done there.

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