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Southern Illinois University’s massive Saluki Way project has mainly involved building or upgrading sports facilities, at a huge cost to students through increased fees. But the basketball team sucks, and no one goes to the shiny new stadium; the buy-out of the bad coach will cost the students even more; three of the players beat some guy up and are suspended; and, oh yeah, no one wants to go to school there.


In a 2006 article in the campus newspaper about the Saluki Way, the reporter makes a prescient spelling error:

[SIU’s president] said he hopes current students will understand why they must pay for facilities they will not use.

“We all have a responsibility to each seceding generation,” he said.

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One Response to “The Sucky, Sucky Saluki Way”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    They are renaming themselves the Chihuahuas.

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