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Good timing.

The University of Wisconsin Pain and Policy Studies Group has decided to stop taking drug money. This decision, apparently motivated by an exposé in the local paper, coincides with a huge new federal attack on prescription drug abuse. The Wisconsin group has taken about

$2.5 million over a decade from companies that make opioids. The money came while the group pushed for what critics say was a pharmaceutical industry agenda not supported by rigorous science: the liberalized use of narcotic painkillers for non-cancer chronic pain…. The UW Pain Group may have helped pave the way for OxyContin’s widespread use.

Oh, and

… research papers and medical articles written by UW Pain Group officials often did not disclose the group’s funding from drug companies or that those individuals were paid personally by drug companies.

Margaret Soltan, April 21, 2011 7:53AM
Posted in: conflict of interest

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