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A thoughtful piece…

…on the scourge of the laptop in the classroom.

Yes, it’s one of many such pieces UD links to on this blog. Eventually laptops will disappear from the college classroom. This blog is chronicling their disappearance.

Margaret Soltan, April 21, 2011 4:49AM
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3 Responses to “A thoughtful piece…”

  1. dmf Says:


  2. david foster Says:

    What I think is particularly disturbing is that so many people seem to be unwilling to be alone with their thoughts, even for a brief period of time. Yeah, some classes are boring…whatever happened to daydreaming, or jotting down a few notes (on a piece of paper!) for a project you’re working on for another class, or for that matter fantasizing about the attractive person in the next row?

    It seems like at least 50% of the time, someone driving in a congested supermarket parking lot will be *talking on the phone*, even in the midst of incompetently attempting to park a cumbersome SUV.

    When the telegraph was first introduced, a journalist remarked “This extraordinary discovery leaves…no elsewhere…it is all *here*.”

    If wired communications reduced the sense of *elsewhere*, does the abuse of wireless communications reduce the sense of the *here and now*? It seems so.

  3. Joe Fruscione Says:

    This is common of course, but it’s no less enlightening.

    I’m very curious to know how this will work out for the student who failed the Psych exam. I’d love to hear the professor’s response. If it were me–and many others I’m sure–the student would have no recourse but summer school, or just another Psych class to ensure graduation.

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