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PowerPoint / CounterPowerPoint

UD‘s friend Philip alerts her to the emergence of a Swiss political party whose platform is simply the effort to eliminate psychologically crushing, time and money wasting, PowerPoint use as much as possible around the world.

Turns out “anyone in the world can become a member of a Swiss party.” Who knew?

Here’s where you can join (the page features Horror Slides of the Month).

Many university students are brutalized by PowerPoint on a daily basis.

PowerPoint-abusing professors tend to be described by students as boring lazy tyrants.

Other abusers may not be tyrannical so much as cowardly. They may be people who have allowed themselves to be intimidated into hauling PowerPoint into class by the tech weenies in administration.

Join the Anti PowerPoint Party. Be the change.

Margaret Soltan, July 5, 2011 9:31AM
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4 Responses to “PowerPoint / CounterPowerPoint”

  1. Pete Copeland Says:

    Professors who use PowerPoint:

    *boring lazy tyrants
    *cowards intimidated by tech weenies

    Yep. That pretty much covers it. Thanks for another of your thoughtful posts.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    You need to read more thoughtfully. I am describing PowerPoint “abusing” professors, Pete. I’ve always acknowledged that some professors use it in a non-abusive way.

    In any case, I’ve rewritten the post a bit to try to make this distinction clearer.

    If I – and the Anti PowerPoint Party, and Tufte, and others, seem strident and over the top, that’s partly because all the – well – power is on your side. PowerPoint is THE American reality. Even as millions of people acknowledge that most of its uses are horrendous, that their experience of it is depressing and angering, it continues to dominate our communicative lives. To go up against it is frustrating and difficult.

  3. david foster Says:

    Some thoughts on this at Ricochet

  4. DM Says:

    Of course, it’s classier if you use LaTeX/Beamer.

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