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Boise State Introduces Exclusively Online PhD

It’s not just that it will finally address the scourge of “lugging stacks of books across campus.”

In the words of its one of its faculty members, “People shouldn’t be discriminated for where they chose to live.”

Margaret Soltan, August 29, 2011 8:42AM
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9 Responses to “Boise State Introduces Exclusively Online PhD”

  1. Online PhDs « Clarissa's Blog Says:

    […] research profile, this online program will make it a joke among educators everywhere. Thank you, Margaret Soltan, for posting a link to this story. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  2. francofou Says:

    Training students never to have to see students.
    Not only is it great for the student, but it can all be taught from a little café near the Sorbonne.

  3. bfa Says:

    I can see the point of this, from the perspective of a giant state like Idaho. It’s not always an option to uproot yourself. But in practice…it’s never done carefully enough.

  4. Jeremy Bangs Says:

    According to Kerry Rice, chair of Boise State’s Department of Educational Technology, “The degree will be one of the only online-only degrees the university offers.” Isn’t that special !

  5. J. Remarque Says:

    It additionally troubles me that an “Associate Professor in Educational Technology” doesn’t know how to use the correct preposition with “discriminated.”

  6. DM Says:

    Professors from the Sorbonne (see @francofou) are notorious for providing research students with very little supervision… Is this so different from an online program?

  7. dmf Says:

    to be able to sell degrees without building/grounds costs (and related presidential fundraising), not to mention that pesky student life nonsense is an administrative/accounting dreamland and if people can be suckered into buying it will be like a force of nature that sweeps through the structures of academic life as we know it. the writing may be on the screen for all (who pay) to see

  8. dmf Says:


  9. Half a World Away Says:

    for those of us who travel, live far away for the US, and realized late in life a PhD is what we want/need, this allows us to pursue QUALITY higher education without excessive disruption to our professional and personal lives.

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