Bravo, Hagerstown Community College. Kaplan came at you, melons bobbling, wanting you to direct your graduates their way.

Kaplan’s chief executives, after all, have to maintain their tens of millions of dollars in personal compensation, and they can’t go trolling homeless shelters for tax-money-bearing eager minds anymore. So they came up with this let’s cooperate! idea…

But in a blunt email to Kaplan, HCC (I wonder what the prez of HCC makes a year, compared to the zillionaires at Kaplan) has said no way.

As Kaplan moves ahead with its new marketing plans, please do not state or imply HCC is a Kaplan partner or that the HCC faculty or staff are suggesting our graduates consider Kaplan as the next step in continuing their education.

We tell our students, quite frankly, that there are much better transfer options for them to consider. In summary, we do not believe Kaplan’s partnership offer is in the best interest of our current or former students.

Asked to elaborate, an HCC spokesperson alluded to the for-profit industry’s notorious

recruiting efforts, financial-aid programs, job placement rates, and other business practices. Just this month, the U.S. Justice Department and four states filed suit against one for-profit school, stating possible violations to the federal Higher Education Act.

She also mentioned that Kaplan’s more expensive than the schools HCC traditionally recommends.

Why does it cost so much???

ZILLIONS of reasons.

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