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“Inept and Inaccurate.”

This is Mr UD‘s verdict on every one of UD‘s efforts to come up with a catchy title for a post about the 92-year-old Polish farmer who since the Second World War has been hiding in an outhouse 300 “works of art from the Renaissance and German baroque periods, with the oldest painting dating back to 1532.”

From Bauhaus to Outhouse
The Hoard Shot Round the World
Grünewald Acres
Farm Follows Function

Looking at them, UD must admit the justice of Mr UD‘s judgment. She’s having a bad pun day.

Margaret Soltan, September 29, 2011 9:03AM
Posted in: failure to yield pun

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6 Responses to ““Inept and Inaccurate.””

  1. francofou Says:

    If it’s baroque, don’t flush it.
    The museum at poo corner.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    francofou: Excellent. The only thing that worries me – and that stayed my hand on the rich “poo” possibilities – is that I’m worried outhouse doesn’t mean the same thing in British and American….

  3. Dave Stone Says:

    Ars gratia fartis?

  4. Dave Stone Says:

    The Loovre?

  5. francofou Says:

    You worry too much. We’re talkin’ Amurkin here.

  6. Polish Peter Says:

    It’s not really an outhouse, as in a privy. Polish reports use the expression “w przybudówce domu jednorodzinnego” which means “in an annex of a single-family house”, probably a detached outbuilding. It looks like a barn or workshop in someone’s backyard. So let’s not get carried away with the potty puns.
    Looks like a hoard of Nazi looted art, so puns on Goering might be more productive.

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