“I’m just going by my gut. I shook the guy’s hand, looked him in the eye and he has no soul. I don’t see a conviction. I don’t see a leader. I feel like I’m talking to a robot. I’ve talked to all the other candidates and none of them gave me the vibe that Gingrich did. He is not a guy you want to go have a beer with.” – Judd Saul, a Tea Party member and GOP activist from Black Hawk County.

Are the eyes the window of the soul? Even National Review this morning is warning its readers off Gingrich.

Yet what does this man mean by soul?

His use of the word robot suggests that for him soul is the vital, authentic essence, the human core, of a person. It’s Kane’s Rosebud – a radical innocence that survives worldly corruption.

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2 Responses to “His prophetic soullessness”

  1. cloudminder Says:

    kane’s rosebud
    orson welles oscar just put up for sale
    we just lost christopher hitchens

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    cloudminder: Thanks for letting me know about Hitchens. UD

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