A commenter responds to Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville’s latest run-in with the law:

… Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville has now been linked to two [fraud schemes] in the past year. Tuberville was listed as an investor in former Georgia coach Jim Donnan‘s “retail liquidation company”, GLC, which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. Now, Tuberville is the subject of Huntsville Times report that lists him as the focal point of a fraud case involving an Auburn-based investment company.

What the commenter overlooks is that you can’t make TTU look bad, because TTU has been way, way worse than bad for years. Tuberville? Texas Tech recently announced that they’re raising his salary by $500,000. Good timing! He’s got a lot of investors to pay off! Plus attorneys to hire!

Texas Tech hired disgraced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales – paid him $100,000 to teach one course.

Texas Tech hired mad Mike Leach, then fired him when he allegedly concussed one too many players, and is now the object of an incredibly expensive lawsuit he filed against the school.

You don’t make sewers like TTU look bad.

UD thanks Dave.

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9 Responses to ““This makes TTU look so bad.””

  1. AYY Says:

    Disgraced? How so? What charges were proven against him? An indictment was brought against him and then it was dismissed with the judge criticizing the DA who brought the indictment.

  2. TAFKAU Says:

    Well, when the best character reference you can give a guy is that he’s never been convicted…

  3. AYY Says:

    It’s not a question of the best character reference. He might have a better character reference for all I know. Usually when one says disgraced, it implies criminal conduct. So my question was what the justification for saying that about him.

  4. Bernard Carroll Says:

    Here is an answer.

  5. Margaret Soltan Says:

    AYY: “Disgraced” – a word routinely attached to Gonzales’ name – often has nothing to do with criminal conduct. D. Strauss-Kahn comes to mind.

  6. AYY Says:

    Bernard, Your link doesn’t answer the question. It says nothing about Gonzales and we can’t assume that’s why UD used the term.

    UD, so you’re just repeating what others have said without making your own judgment, even though a person’s reputation is involved? Under your rationale you could just as easily have used the term “smeared.”

    Disgraced has been attached to his name on the Think Progress website, and by Brian Leiter. But those sites have blatant left wing agendas, and lack credibility with those who do not march in lockstep to their views.

    Disgraced implies that Gonzales did something that is criminal and was found guilty, or that there is consensus among the population as a whole (not just a political subset) that he did something non-criminal but seriously wrong, and so far no one has pointed out how that’s the case with Gonzales. “Disgraced” shouldn’t be used to mean “someone the left smeared because he did something the left disagreed with.”

    If Strauss-Kahn was innocent, or framed, then it’s hardly accurate to use “disgraced” in connection with his name.

  7. JND Says:

    As a Texas Tech graduate, I personally liked this quotation from the Tuberville article.

    “Tuberville is a fraud as the Head Coach at Texas Tech, too.”

    So painfully true!

  8. AYY Says:

    Now that our present attorney general has been found in contempt of the House, and may have played a major role in the Fast and Furious scandal, should we refer to him as “Eric Holder” or as the “Disgraced Eric Holder”?

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