Meanwhile Gov. Robert Bentley announced that general funding to the Department of Public Safety and other state agencies would be cut by 10 percent because of revenue shortages. Public Safety director Hugh McCall said he hopes to avoid layoffs of state troopers and other employees.

They don’t need public safety. They’re safe in The Divine Huddle.

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2 Responses to ““[S]hould [football coach Nick Saban] stay [at the University of Alabama] for the duration of [his] contract, he will have pocketed a total of $44,983,333.86 from the good citizens of the nation’s ninth poorest state, 16.1 percent of whom are living below the poverty line.””

  1. Shane Says:

    Very interesting. You know how much the Alabama football program made in the past year? $45 million. Net. So in one year the program made enough to pay off Saban’s lifetime earnings as head coach.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    And I guess that’s how the Alabama program will use most of that 45 million, Shane. Salaries for coaches (and assistant coaches, etc.) just seem to keep going up.

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