… because school administrators with fake degrees usually look for jobs in nowheresville sorts of places, and Wasser managed to become (until he was found out) superintendent of a large New Jersey school district. Doc Pendley, who came to the wee Columbia California school district burnishing a LaSalle University degree (the LaSalle scam operated out of Louisiana before its operator went to prison), is far more typical.

Pendley’s bullshit degree is only the beginning of Columbia’s problems.

Pendley and the Board of Trustees have faced criticism within the past several months for their handling of a May 2010 criminal incident involving Pendley’s 24-year-old son, Brennan, who worked as an after-school aide at Columbia Elementary.

Brennan pleaded guilty in June of last year to having sex with a minor, then an eighth-grader, in a classroom.

Since then, comment at district board meetings has centered on John Pendley’s hiring of his unqualified son for the job…

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