… is becoming a symbol of the American propensity to work too hard. Recall what Ted Koppel said of Russert’s sudden heart attack:

“I think we need to learn something from this. You can’t work people 20 hours a day, month after month after month after month, without some kind of consequences,” Ted Koppel, the former “Nightline” anchor, said on CNN Friday night. “I don’t know what it was that was wrong with Tim. I don’t know why Tim died. But all I can say is that man worked too hard.”

Johnstone, a young lawyer who reportedly worked 80 and sometimes 100-hour weeks, was found dead a few months ago at home, in the midst of long hours of working. Autopsy results are inconclusive, but a sudden heart attack is a possibility, and plenty of observers are speculating that she worked herself to death.

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2 Responses to “Like Tim Russert, Lisa Johnstone…”

  1. dmf Says:

    yes being a “value-added” employee may be bad for your health.

  2. Jack/OH Says:

    Awful story, UD. A dirty secret of junior-level/high-intellect jobs, such as Lisa Johnstone’s, is that professional autonomy is often minimal, your pay can be chewed to pieces by social obligations (meals, flashy car, clothes), you’ve a pile of student debt, and, if you’re a hungry immigrant, as Johnstone appears to have been, you’re extremely vulnerable to empty promises of advancement.

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