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… context. You look at a school like Syracuse University, which had a bad on-campus brawl early Sunday morning (major fighting; several arrests), and you ask yourself What else? What’s it been like on that campus for the last few months? You scroll through various corruption and violence related posts that pop up on this blog when you type syracuse into UD‘s search engine…

And it’s clear that Syracuse has got what you call a trend.

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  1. Alan Allport Says:

    Meh. I’ve worked on several campuses, urban and suburban, and Syracuse’s doesn’t strike me as particularly fraught. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve had our embarrassments of late (myself, I could have done without all the recent sucking up to a pampered Saudi princeling). But Chico State or U Mass this isn’t. I always felt much more wary when I was at Penn.

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