Er, the Ravens are winning… Which is TOO exciting for UD, given that she greeted existence itself in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland… In fact, UD‘s Baltimore roots are impeccable: Her mother’s family – the Kirsons and the Wassermans – were all Baltimoreans. Her grandfather, Charlie Wasserman, was an engineer for Baltimore Gas and Electric (“He had a lot of patents for smokestack thingies,” says UD‘s sister as UD types.). Her father graduated from Johns Hopkins, as did her uncle. Her aunt was a teacher in Baltimore public schools. Her mother was an x-ray technician at Hopkins. UD lived in Baltimore until she was eight years old, at which point the family moved to England, where her father had a post-doc in immunology. Then they moved back to Baltimore for a year, and then her father got a job at the National Institutes of Health, so the family moved up (class and moneywise) to ‘thesda.

UD and her sister are laughing madly at the commercials. Mr UD sits stonily.


Interception Baltimore!


Touchdown Baltimore!!


An ad with a guy driving a truck out of the nose cone of a passenger aircraft.


Lots of fights on the field. The announcers seem to be preparing us for an on-field riot.


Baltimore intercepts again. They’re dominating the game for sure.


A song my mother used to love to sing.


Wow. Another Baltimore touchdown. 21 to 3.


Oh. My. God. Baltimore just took the ball all the way.


Wow. Half the power in the Superdome has gone out. Used up all the electricity on Beyonce.

Weird. Survivalists all over the country must be preparing their weaponry.


No one here understands any of the Bud Light commercials.


Baltimore’s in the lead, but SF is close to a TD. The tension would be so thick you could cut it with a knife if I really cared.


Four seconds to go. I think we won.

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  1. David Says:

    Not sure to be delighted or dismayed that you watched the Super Bowl (aka Supper Bowl). Since when are you a football fan??

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    David: I’m not a football fan, though I’ll admit there are certain plays that are very beautiful and exciting. The Superbowl has become this immense American spectacle, and my sister thought we might all have pizza and watch it.

  3. Alan Allport Says:

    My kid once played basketball with Joe Flacco. True story.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Alan: Cool.

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