Florida Atlantic University’s desperation to get people to come to its new stadium grows. As a local columnist pointed out during the prison-naming fiasco, “[FAU] built a $70 million facility that’s nearly empty year-round, even during home football games.”

Specifics? You’re looking at four thousand people scattered around 30,000 seats. And remember how it goes: Four thousand show up… Game doesn’t look promising after a half hour or so… Two thousand begin leaving… The two thousand left stay because they’re too drunk to walk…

Better keep the stadium swimming pools shallow, or you’ll drown your students… Remember Chico State!

It all adds up to a massive police state – nanny state – presence at the games. Two hundred armed police glare at two thousand drunk and despondent (team lost; alcohol’s a depressant) students furiously slashing at the water in their baby pools…

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3 Responses to ““As part of the push to make its 3-year-old [football] stadium a little more fan friendly, FAU is turning the southeast portion into an area called The Cove, complete with inflatable swimming pools and beach chairs.””

  1. MattF Says:

    And it’s Florida, so the drunks in the kiddie pools are being buzz-bombed by flying cockroaches!

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    MattF: That completes the picture nicely.

  3. University Diaries » With the militarization of American universities proceeding apace… Says:

    […] FAU is not only located in Florida rather than Ohio, but has a much bigger empty stadium (30,000 vs. 13,000 seats). CSU will have to act fast to secure market […]

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