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Freud, the sexual thought of adult Republicans is a dark continent for psychology.


Josh Marshall on the GOP welcoming women back inside its big tent:

Coming off [Mike] Huckabee’s comments this morning about incentivizing horny women with birth control, Rep. Louis Gohmert says government tries to “lure” single moms into “servitude” with welfare…

‘War on Women? Please. We’re the Ones Who Respect You for Not Being Sluts!’ …

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6 Responses to “To paraphrase …”

  1. MattF Says:

    Which is not to say that you can do whatever— you have to do what the Rev. Huckabee says. And if you don’t, that area of concern about your uncontrollable libido will be dealt with in an appropriate and godly fashion.

  2. JND Says:

    Don’t blame this adult Republican for the Rev. Huckabee, and I won’t blame adult Democrats for the Rev. Jackson.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    JND: It’s a deal.

  4. AYY Says:

    JND, But you should be blaming adult Dems for the Rev. Jackson. He’s a prominent figure in Dem politics, and most Dems approve of him. Huckabee is on the fringes.

    UD, As for this so called war on women, it’s the Dems who are forcing insurance companies to cancel women’s health insurance. The Dems are also sending women into the infantry, and it’s the Dems who are maligning Sarah Palin. If women are important to you, then you might want to ask yourself whether the Dems are really serving women’s interests.

  5. UD Says:

    AYY: Huckabee on the fringes? I don’t think so. Most people acknowledge him as a viable presidential or vp candidate, and his public statements tend to get far more attention (from right and left, by the way) than Jackson’s. Indeed, Jackson, who has never held political office, is arguably more of a fringe figure in the real world of national politics than Huckabee. Huckabee ran a respectable 2008 presidential campaign, racking up a number of significant victories.

    Worse news for the Republicans, however, is that Huckabee, with his bizarre statements about women and sex, is only one of a number of Republican politicians who say similarly bizarre things. I wouldn’t go as far as Joan Walsh in this matter –


    – but I agree with her that a party already doing poorly among women is likely to do even more poorly, in part because of asinine high-profile people like Mike Huckabee.

  6. Alan Allport Says:

    [Jesse Jackson’s] a prominent figure in Dem politics, and most Dems approve of him. Huckabee is on the fringes.”

    The last time Jesse Jackson ran for national office, I was thousands of miles away failing my ‘A’-Levels, and the students I now teach didn’t even have an embryoblast to call their own.

    Mike Huckabee was Governor of Arkansas in 2007. He finished second in the delegate count for the 2008 Republican Presidential Primary. He was considered to be John McCain’s likely running mate until Caribou Barbie was hoisted unsteadily onto the world stage. He broadcasts on hundreds of radio stations several times a week, and has apparently made enough cash from his legions of book-buying, donation-tithing supporters to gear up for a potential 2016 run. He was just asked to be keynote speaker at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting. If he’s ‘fringe’ – Jesus, who’s core?

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