And if UD were a Catholic (she’s Jewish) she’d be less than thrilled that Our Lady’s been dragged through the mud again and again by the drunks and academic frauds that play under her name.

Of course big-time university football besmirches all schools (one exception might be Brigham Young), but while the lowest of the low, like the University of Miami and Auburn, tend to be refreshingly honest about their total mindless commitment to sports, other schools, like the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Notre Dame, are constantly flouncing around telling everyone about their integrity. Both amply deserve what’s happening, and they certainly won’t learn from it. Both have invested far too much money in one of the dirtiest rackets going.

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4 Responses to “Notre Dame: Just One More Gutter Football Program.”

  1. BlancacasaPA Says:

    BYU may have avoided NCAA sanctions (a group still unwilling to hold UNC accountable), but even the Mormons can’t stop the gang rapes:

    BYU also had a pill popping scandal back in the 1908s, with team doctors and trainers supplying the team, I think.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Thanks, BlancacasaPA: I thought the BYU hypothesis might be shaky.

  3. john Says:

    as a UNC alum it pains me to admit that you peg us dead on.

  4. ConservativeEnglishPhD Says:

    I went to BYU for half of my undergrad years. When I was there, I recall football players arrested for firearms violations, driving drunk, assault, etc. The local media, to their credit, reported on those events, though not to their credit, they tended to bury the stories in small snippets at the bottom of page 13.

    BYU administration, however, refused to admit much. Occasionally an athlete is expelled for honor code violations, but those have the feeling of sacrificial lambs offered up so they can pretend they’re actually doing something about cleaning up the programs.

    I had an athlete tell me the coaches tell them during recruiting “that no sex, no drinking, etc. honor code? Don’t worry about it – we’ll cover for you.”

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