Is It Time To Ban Greek Life on Campus?

This, in the land of the University of Georgia!

She doesn’t really answer the question, though I guess she thinks banning them would be a good idea. I mean, she reviews the increasing number of schools doing that, or doing something short of that but on its way to being that… And she reviews the literature on frats.

Several studies have found frat members are more likely to commit rape: (Bleeker & Murnen, 2005; Boeringer, 1999; Foubert, Newberry & Tatum, 2007).

… Sixty-four percent of Greeks report binge drinking, compared with 37 percent of their classmates.

But in his research, Jeffrey DeSimone suggests frat members would likely drink with or without the fraternity; it is the prevalence of alcohol in frat life that attracts pledges in the first place. “Students who join fraternities presumably perceive that membership will facilitate desired binge drinking by matching them with students who share these preferences,” wrote DeSimone.

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2 Responses to “In the Atlanta Journal Constitution, no less, a columnist has the temerity to ask:”

  1. charlie Says:

    Hey, the greeks do so much community service, they deserve to get drunk and disorderly….

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: Yes, there’s that old chestnut, community service.

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