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‘There’s where I labored so hard for my Massas, / Day after day in Phi Kappa Psi’s …

back room…’

The Eastern theater of the American Civil War rages again, as the traditional fraternal order goes to war against campus pussies.

Men lining the patio of a bar on The Corner were quick to yell “insults and slurs” at the [anti-rape] protestors as they walked by, said Carl Goette-Luciak, a fifth-year student who helped to lead the march.

Others volleyed comments scorning the actions of the crowd as it marched through the streets, but Goette-Luciak contends that facing such a reaction was the protest’s way of “confronting the issue where it lives.”

“If male students at [the University of Virginia] will deride the people who are demanding change, [if they] won’t take seriously how important this moment is, it just stresses the gravity of the situation we’re facing,” he said.

Later in the night, Goette-Luciak said he saw five students, both male and female, tearing down a memorial that students had created at Peabody Hall. In support of those who had been sexually assaulted, students had covered the doors of the administrative building with Post-it notes filled with stories of their experiences and encouragements toward survivors, he said. They also placed stones, creating a “small mountain” in front of the building, to symbolize survivors they knew.

Goette-Luciak said he walked past the memorial an hour or two after the protest when he saw students tearing down the notes and discarding the stones.

“We confronted them and they were very aggressive, very violent towards us,” he said. “One young man in particular, with chest puffed out, kept screaming, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ and then left.”

Baby, you go up against our way of life and you’re gonna hear about it. We’re here and we’re beer, get used to it. We even got girl camp followers.

Margaret Soltan, November 24, 2014 8:42AM
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