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Come to UD’s Lectures on Poetry…

… at the Georgetown Public Library. Details here.

Margaret Soltan, February 27, 2016 7:43AM
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3 Responses to “Come to UD’s Lectures on Poetry…”

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    Compression, or concision, of thought, and connoisseurship of language is what poetry means to me. A onetime salesman, I took a crack at reciting my own verse some years ago. I flopped, but it’s good brain training. I learned to edit maybe twenty or thirty times for a good delivery and for appearance on the page.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Jack/OH: Compression + language connoisseurship is a good rough definition of poetry I think.

  3. Jack/OH Says:

    I met good people, most of them way out of my comfort zone. One of them was a guy who, I guess, has been living the local version of the literary life. Publisher of quirky literary works of local interest, second-hand book seller, poetry promoter, occasional teacher/adjunct, printer, resident of a busted-up building in our mostly abandoned downtown. It’s hard for me not to admire someone who seems to have thumbed his nose at worldliness.

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