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2 Responses to “Lenticular Clouds.”

  1. Dr_Doctorstein Says:

    Somewhere in Southern Colorado, just down the road from the Colorado Gators Reptile Park and the town of Hooper, there’s a tourist trap calling itself the UFO Watchtower whose gift shop sells postcards depicting lenticular clouds captioned as UFOs. I remember a conversation with the sales clerk, an earnest representative of the common clay of the new west, that went something like this:

    Me: Ha ha, good one. These are just lenticular clouds.

    Sales Clerk: No, they’re UFOs.

    Me: Um, no, they’re lenticular clouds.

    SC: Well, maybe, but they COULD be UFOs.

    Me: Well, they could be UFOs, except for the fact that they’re lenticular clouds.

    SC: You can’t prove that.

    Me: Oh, come on. We’ve all seen clouds that look just like these. We’ve all seen how they change shape like other clouds,how they drift away and dissipate, etc.

    SC: But those are clouds. These are UFOs.

    What could I say? I bought a card and still have it somewhere.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dr_D: Laughing here.

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