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Père Trubu: Act Two

Enter Père Trubu, shredding a copy of the New York Times:

FIFTY FAILED ELITES! That’s all they are! By my green candle, Madam, I’ll chop every one of them up into tiny bits and flush them down this gold-plated crapper!

Mère Trubu:

OOOOhhh but ooh Père Trubu also that nasty Senator Collins called you a nasty little merrrdddrrrrre plus she’s not voting for you. What’re we gonna do, Père Trubu? Your campaign’s the one in the crapper! How’re you going to be PRESIDENT and eat all the Boston Cream Pie you want and sit around and tell everybody what to do? Come on Pa Trubu: BE A MAN.


Pschittabugger and buggerapschitt Ma Trubu another word out of you my lady and I’ll shove your stinking face in the crapper! [Rushes into the bathroom; returns brandishing an unmentionable brush.] DON’T MAKE ME USE THIS. [Chases Mère Trubu about the penthouse. She screams.]


You MORON. You COWARD. You must capture the Clinton woman and JAIL HER.


Fuck me Madam brilliant idea HOW do you propose that I do it?


You must sneak up behind her while she’s giving a speech and scream THUS EVER TO TYRANTS and give her a big fat rap on the head with your brush and drag her off.


You’re a genius my fine woman but wait what if it doesn’t work and I get caught and I get put in jail?


You MORON. You COWARD. No one will expect a presidential candidate to do something like that so you will have the advantage of surprise. For once in your life SHOW SOME GUTS.


Call me a coward again Ma Trubu and I’ll smash your teeth in! [Again runs after her with the brush. She screams. End of Act Two.]

Margaret Soltan, August 8, 2016 11:30PM
Posted in: sounds and looks very samuel beckett

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5 Responses to “Père Trubu: Act Two”

  1. dmf Says:

    political theater of the absurd to be sure, just by shooting off in every direction he does manage the occasional hit many of the neocons who are against his isolationist bluster did indeed take us down the road to perdition or at least to Fallujah.

  2. Profane Says:

    It does not take any spine to come out against someone when they are down ten points in the polls. Collins is a coward. The best that can be said for her is that she is not a potential quisling.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Profane – I agree.

  4. Greg Says:

    And now this gasoline from Trump:


    I’d really just like to wake up and have this nightmare over in a good way. Let’s assume that Nate Silver’s current calculation of odds (87.7/13.3) is correct and that HRC is elected. I wonder what the costs of the Trump candidacy will have been in terms of foreign relations, domestic mistrust and unrest, and, speaking not just for myslef I think, serious psychic, maybe physical, wear and tear. Fortunately I think there will be major costs to his “empire.”

  5. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Greg: Wow. I hadn’t seen that. Yes, the psychic wear and tear for many people is obviously serious and ongoing, and this latest nightmare statement makes it worse.

    I guess with my optimistic tendency I’ve been telling myself that the aftermath of this election, assuming a Clinton win, will on balance be very good for the nation. Perhaps it will have the effect of outing and isolating the worst among us, and strengthening the resolve of everyone else to be more aware of the situation.

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