Now you can do this on campus as well as off! Y’all come down.


Our students’ safety and well-being are paramount at the University of Texas.

SWAT officers ordered the suspects to come down with their hands up.

“Seeing that in West Campus is really just alarming,” [a student] said. “I saw the guns on them and the shields, so I was pretty terrified.”

Well, hold onto your hat, UT student! Booze, frats, and guns galore: Life of the mind, Texas.

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  1. charlie Says:

    At U of TX, they can’t keep guns out. At Long Island U, they won’t let professors in…

    LIU admins decided that 400 profs weren’t needed and replaced them with scab professors. Not in my entire life did I think I would need to use ‘scab’ and ‘professors’ in the same sentence. But these are strange times….

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