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“Asking them to sell a potentially deadly narcotic on an incentive plan created a powder keg primed to explode.”

Not really a powder keg. A morgue is more like it. A big fat national morgue full of dead Fentanyl users.

Remember Michael Jackson and how he hired a personal physician to knock him out with pain killers meant only for advanced cancer patients? Well, why shouldn’t all Americans have that same opportunity?

This was the business model of Insys Therapeutics, whose CEO (a Northwestern University business school grad, seen here dispensing not fatal opioids but career advice) identified this sort of doctor (read the whole thing) to write Fentanyl prescriptions for everybody! Everybody gets to join the party!

The CEO has now been arrested, along with a bunch of co-conspirators, and UD has been having a blast reading the racketeering etc etc case against them.

Killing this many Americans is not merely the work of b-school boys and pain pill docs. To keep the bodies mounting – to grow the business – you need these folks too, for they stand in the way of any prescribing restrictions at all. It’s the free enterprise system at its best, and our incoming prez will enthusiastically endorse it.

This teeny weeny arrest will embarrass a few people and amount to nothing. That doctor I told you about will move to another state and then another and keep doing his thing. And the opiates-for-all lobbyists will live forever.

Oh – and if your university has a med school, somewhere on the faculty there’s almost certainly a researcher paid by pharma to publish articles ghostwritten by opiate manufacturers – articles that reassure us about the efficacy and harmlessness of opioids. Whether it’s producing graduates like arrestee Michael Babich, or pill-propping professors, universities too have their role to play in keeping the morgue at capacity.


UD thanks dmf.

Margaret Soltan, December 12, 2016 3:50PM
Posted in: march of science

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2 Responses to ““Asking them to sell a potentially deadly narcotic on an incentive plan created a powder keg primed to explode.””

  1. Bernard Carroll Says:

    So Dr. Ahmad ran practices in Alaska, Arkansas, and Australia. Give him an A+++. Meanwhile, gotta love “pill propping professors.”

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Yes Dr Ahmad simultaneously ran practices in all those far-flung A’s. A-mazing.

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