Hm yes six years a trustee at Ohio University and now he’s going to prison for five years for hm let’s see running a humongous pill mill, laundering money, and evading multiple millions in taxes.

OU has nothing to say about the fact that this man has for years and years been setting and overseeing policy for thousands of students, faculty, and alumni at Ohio University? How much will your tuition go up? Let’s see what Dr Lake decides! Alcohol and drug policy? You know who to ask!

No, no, we’ve unpersoned him – exactly the way Yeshiva University unpersoned Bernard… uh…

Bernard who?

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2 Responses to ““The university declined to comment.””

  1. dmf Says:

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    dmf: I heard that show yesterday. The bit with his fellow convict praising him to the skies for having stolen far far more than anyone else in the slammer ever was hilarious.

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