Joe “100 Chokes” Tumpkin couldn’t have happened to a more obvious school. Put University Colorado Football in UD‘s search engine and go to town on a twenty year history of rape coverup, academic fraud, and all the rest of it, non-stop. The only question is how much this latest beyond-squalid event is going to cost the school. Will it cost them as much as Penn State’s Sandusky? (Quarter billion and it ain’t over yet.)

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  1. Dr_Doctorstein Says:

    “A twenty year history of rape coverup, academic fraud, and all the rest of it, non-stop”?

    Yes, very much so. But if one only goes back 20 years one will miss what I consider the sweetest, most exquisite football scandal of all time, the one in which uber-Christian Coach Bill McCartney staunchly defended his daughter against rumors of her dalliances with star quarterback Sal Aunese, which rumors proved true when McCartney—no doubt bucking for both Father of the Year and Most Cringeworthy Press Conference Ever—trotted the poor kid out on stage with him to tell the world that, yes, she was pregnant, and yes, Aunese was the daddy, but darned if he wasn’t so proud of his baby girl for opting not to get an abortion. Aunese, you will recall, was slowly dying of an inoperable cancer, and his death became the rallying cry for CU’s successful national championship run the next year. When not busy coaching and mortifying his children, McCartney was (do I even need to say it?) cheating on his wife and laying the psychic groundwork for his founding of Promise Keepers.

    Maybe it’s only because I was working at CU at the time, but no football scandal since then has quite measured up.

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